Goodbye Hawaii!


We cannot believe that the time has come to say our goodbyes to Hawaii. We're about to have our last final sleep in the land of Aloha and then we fly off to the South tomorrow for 2 weeks! We have had some amazing and unforgettable memories in Hawaii as Wegan since 2009, and for Whitney since she came out here as a student in 2006. We are very sad to leave Hawaii, it will always hold a very special place in our heart, and we will always return when we can. Mahalo Hawaii, we will miss you!


To add to the sadness, it seems that Whitney will not be admitted to the UK as a visitor as her visa has been denied. It therefore looks likely that we are saying a horrid hello to long distance again in a mere two weeks. Something we can barely bring ourselves to think about... we are evidently very devastated and hope it can all be resolved quickly. True love always prevails....

Wegan X