Gay Rights Roundup: Down Under!


Written 11th July 2011

Now, we all love a bit of Gaga, I am especially excited right now because she is in Melbourne, Australia today. She has a one off show to perform at Sydney Town Hall on Wednesday night. Only 1,000 people have scored an invitation to see the show!

I am not only mentioning this because she is a big gay icon and gay rights supporter but also because she had an interview with A Current Affair's Tracy Grimshaw last night and she mistakenly thought that the Australia Prime minister Julia Gillard was a lesbian.

Gaga was asked if she thought that Julia was hypocritical for living with her ‘partner’ whilst constantly supporting ‘traditional marriage’ not gay marriage.
So thinking that this meant she was with a woman Gaga called Julia hypocrite and ranted about it for some time.
Pretty interesting! This clearly shows that Gillard does not practice what she preaches. By the end of interview though, Gaga realised she was mistaken and whispered to Tracy for the question to be asked again and so Tracy did so and explained why to everyone- which made the audience chuckle.

Gaga said she misunderstood because of the way the question was worded, explaining that in the USA the word ‘partner’ is generally used by a gay person to describe their lover. However in true Gaga style, she still spoke out for what she (and we here!) believe in. When the question was re-shot she still urged her Australian fans to make politicians ‘hear their screams’ against the government’s stance. She said ‘It’s 2011, get on with it’ and ‘I am so against the way certain laws and restrictions send messages that one person is better than another…I urge all of you to mobilise your voices so the Prime Minister can hear you scream that you want to be equal.’