A Love Story ♥ Julia & Ashley


We recently stumbled across a fantastic femme lesbian blog, aptly named 'Femme on a Mission'. We found Julia through her video featuring on another great blog, the Fab Femme. Her video caught my eye as she was wearing a Stonewall 'Some People Are Gay. Get Over It T-shirt'. Not only was I happy to see a UK charity's t-shirt in the USA, it was also great to see it being used as a social experiment. As a femme lesbian, Julia was trying to combat the invsibility of her sexual orientation and to see people's reaction. You can check out the video here.

You will soon seen us featured on her fab blog. However for now, onto more lovey dovey stuff. Here is Julia's love story of her engagement! Enjoy!

The Engagement: A Lesbian Love Story

Julia (me) & Ashley

This is the story of the day my partner became my fiancee.

It all starts with a song, as love stories often do. That song was "May I Suggest," an a capella masterpiece performed by folk band Red Molly. Here, listen:

Ashley and I fell in love to and with this song. There was a period of time when every morning we would lay beside each other and listen to it to start our day, sun streaming in on our white comforter, and the three of us - Ashley, our dog Sammie, and I - warm and waking together.

It was February and Valentine's Day was fast approaching when I meandered onto the Red Molly band website and noticed they would be performing just a half-hour away on February 26, 2011. (I will never forget that date!) I immediately bought tickets and used them to surprise Ashley as a Valentine's Day gift.

On the night of the concert, we were seated third row center. It was a beautiful show but it was hard to fully enjoy it, because Ashley and I were on the edge of our seats waiting to hear our song sung live. An hour went by. They gave many great performances, but there was no sign of "May I Suggest." Finally, they announced they would be playing their last song....

And it wasn't it.

I was crestfallen. They left the stage to a standing ovation, but after minutes of non-stop applause, they reappeared, smiling and thanking the audience. The crowd fell quiet as the musicians fiddled with microphones and returned to their places.

I knew this was my chance. If I didn't say something, we may have come all this way to never hear our song, and I couldn't let that happen.

"Please play 'May I Suggest!'" I rather timidly shouted. I hid my face, embarrassed.

"What was that?" the middle performer asked. "You want to hear 'May I Suggest?'"

Fortunately for me, everyone in the audience seemed to agree and started clapping vigorously. When the room fell silent, Red Molly began to sing. Ashley and I sat side by side and hand in hand. The song was so powerful and I could feel the love I had for her filling my chest; tears were running down my cheeks.

Ashley leaned towards me, her mouth near my ear. "Will you marry me?" she whispered.

Then the tears started falling harder, I whispered back yes and I don't know of a happier moment in my life.

That was the encore of the concert, so when the song was over the audience filed out of the hall and into the lobby, where the band was seated to sign autographs and sell CDs. I ran up, flushed with joy, to announce that Ashley and I had just gotten engaged. We got hugs from all three performers, signatures on our program, and a free album. Then one of the ladies announced it to the crowd of people exiting the building and we got a round of applause from the fifty or so people in the lobby area. It was such a special moment, and I think everyone in the room could feel that there was some sort of magic in the air. One of the singers said, "I'm tweeting this!"


We drove home absolutely in love, with an unforgettable memory of the night we decided to build a life together.

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