Celebrating & Commiserating!

Wegan back on 20th September 2008


Let's get to the good stuff first. Today, 20th September, marks 3 years exactly since Whitney & I first met! We met by Waterloo station in London. Unbeknown to me, Whitney had all of her fellow Hawaii peeps with her for 'moral support' when she met me. I came out of the station and had to walk across a bridge, and down the stairs... not only being watched by Whitney but also a group of girls!! haha. I was very nervous at that point. As soon as I spotted Whitney, my heart immediately fluttered and I remember taking in her long blonde hair, sunglasses & leather jacket & thinking 'holy moley this girl is hot!' haha.

First ever pic I took of Whitney (ooh she didn't know what she had in store haha)

First ever pic of Wegan! (My haven't we changed?! haha)

Cute pics of whit <3




One of our fav pics from this day

We spent the day wondering around London (Whitney thought I knew where I was going... I didn't lol). We came across this random cafe in the middle of a park & ordered some wine... it was the afternoon! turns out to conquer her nerves before meeting me, Whitney had a couple of mohitos! Haha.

Later that eve we went to where Whitney was staying at University, and we got ready to go out in London with my friend Nik Thakkar. He drove us around London in his car playing Lady Gaga- the first time we had ever heard her and we immediately loved her tunes. We ended up going to the Lesbian bar 'Candy Bar' (yes as mentioned before)..

We always laugh about this happening upon entering:
Door Woman: Do you know what kind of bar this is?
Megan: Er.. a lesbian bar, CUZ we are LES-BIANS!!
Nik:.. well.. I'm not...

At Candy Bar:


With Nik

We had our first kiss at that bar!! <3 We then stayed over at Nik's... and departed the next day. It was truly an amazing weekend! Two weeks later Whitney came to visit me in Cardiff and we became officially a couple! I will tell you that story soon...

So as I say, today we are celebrating 3 years since we first met!

Here's the first videos I took of Whitney.. she will most likely kill me for putting these up but they're funny hehe....

Chucking in a couple of more things to celebrate in a mini
Gay Rights Round Up


Today Don't Ask Don't Tell is officially repealed after 18 years!!! WOO!!! It is now ok to be gay in the military!

Also, the UK gorvernment has anmounced plans to introduce gay marriage in 2015! Let's hope it's quicker than that ;) To read more click here.


However, as you know, we're planning on re-applying for Whitney's visa and waiting for me to get a job for us to do so (is very hard to get employment in UK at the moment.. even with a degree and masters *sigh*). We just found out today I also have to be out of my over draft and have three months bank statements before we can apply. So this means realistically we're looking to at least December until we can apply! We are devastated :( I wish I were rich!!! but alas sadly I am not, so please EVERYONE keep your fingers crossed I get a job soon & start earning ASAP!!!

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