Update from Megan!

This post is a bit random but just to say a few things to update you a bit.

1) I'm returning to my old home Cardiff for the first time in 6 months!!! Not been back since I went to Hawaii, got engaged & went to South Carolina. Very looking forward to seeing my friends & previous work colleagues!!

2) I'm FINALLY handing in my dissertation!!!! After spending a year on it, it's finally due in. It's been something that's kept me busy whilst I was in Hawaii & Whitney was at school, we studied together at Starbucks and it helped keep me preoccupied now that we're back to long distance. Now what will I do? I NEED A JOB ASAP. That's what.

3) Speaking of jobs, as soon as I get one we are applying for Whitney's visa ASAP. Anyone want to hire me??

4) & just HOW cute/gorgeous/stunning is my baby girl? Sneaked these shots on Skype yesterday!

Megan X

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