Sponsor What Wegan Did Next!

We have been debating whether or not to have sponsors on our blog, and whether anyone would actually want to sponsor us. (We hope so!!) Whilst we only have over 100 followers, we do get 1000's of hits weekly, which can be seen on our right side bar under 'Wegan Weekly Watchers'. It varies between 3000-4000 hits a week. So obviously over 10,000 hits a month.

Therefore we propose two types of sponsorships.
  1. For those who want to pay to sponsor WWDN we will feature you at the top of our left side bar with an individual blog post. This will cost $10 a month. Whilst getting your blog out there you'll also help Wegan in their funds to get closer to Whitney's visa. Yes it is a small amount but every little helps!!

  2. If you're not able to pay then we can swap our buttons. You'll be featured lower on the side of the blog with no individual blog post.

So, who wants to sponsor What Wegan Did Next?!

Comment below and/or email us at with sponsor in the title. We look forward to hearing from you!!

Also, who's liking the change of our blog to the fall/autumn weather??

Also to cheer you up on hump day... You have most likely seen this video flying around the internet of little Sophia Grace singing Nicki Minaj 'Super Bass'. It's amazing you must watch it you haven't seen it already.

But even more amazing is that Sophia & her cousin were invited on the Ellen show! She's such a character.

AND even MOREEEE amazing, they surprised them with Nicki Minaj. I about died.

Now who's feeling happy??

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