Wegan In The Kitchen!

Oh yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. We bring you a post about Wegan in the Kitchen... the Results? Pretty damn hilarious, sometimes tasty, most of the time.. a big fat FAIL. None the less we try!!

Check out our video first to truly see what it's like to have two blondes in the kitchen....

It features us trying to make chick pea burgers, stuffed peppers with roasted butter nut squash (both recipes from Georgia in the Making), and lastly us trying to bake fairy cakes.

We hope that you stuck with the video & it made you laugh :)

As I stated in the video, if you want to see what real baking is all about, please visit my dear friend Dave's blog- I Want to Bake Free & youtube channel- where they have short videos of Baking the Menu. As I've mentioned before, Dave is opening up a tea shop in the UK. They do a lot of baking, and when I visited we learnt that really my skill is just do to the tasting. Alas, once Wegan are back in the UK they will be giving us some cooking/ baking lessons.. so watch this space!

Here are some pictures of what we've cooked lately...

Stuffed peppers


Chickpea Burgers


Snazzy baked potatoes & tofurkey sausages


Fairy Cakes


Vegetable Soup


Other things we have made are portobello mushroom lettuce wraps (suggested by Lacey in the City), butternut squash soup and a disastrous cake. Ha! That's all I can remember for now.

Who wants to see this segment again? ;)
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