Happy New Years!

Welcome to 2012!!!!! WOOOOO!!!

This year has flown by, a what a year it has been!

Here's a little recap of 2011:

  • Megan left Cardiff & her jobs
  • Megan moved out to Hawaii for 3 months
  • We got engaged!!
  • Whitney graduated university
  • Whitney's visa to the UK was denied
  • Whitney moved to South Carolina
  • Megan finished her Masters
  • Megan visited Whitney in South Carolina

So what does 2012 have in store for Wegan??

  • Job for Megan! (& Whitney)
  • Re-apply for Whitney's visa and get her over here finally
  • Move into our own place

& many more exciting things ahead! 2012 shall be the best year yet. I can feel it. Plus I love even numbers, it just looks so good. Much better than 2011. So goodbye 2011... you've been a rollercoaster of a year...

Here's our video from last years NYE. Sad we could not be together to bring in 2012 with a bang... well a kiss.

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