Revisiting Hawaii- Videos!

I know, I know, I keep going on about how much I miss Hawaii. But I doooo! & so would you! ;) The Tone It Up girls that we previously blogged about here have been out in Hawaii filming their latest work out DVD (lucky much?!)

Watching their video brought back so many memories of Hawaii, it literally hurts. Want to go back so bad!!

This is their video:

I thought we'd take a trip down memory lane and revisit our Hawaii vlogs, especially as our newest followers may have not seen these.

#1 (First day in Hawaii WOO)

There are 10, so I thought I'd be kind and put them under a cut. (Also as you can tell, editing changed throughout the time ha)

Also, who could forgot this bad day we found out Whitney's visa was denied? :(

But also this GREAT day when we got engaged??

(Still haven't got the rest of the engagement footage argh)

Click on 'Read More' below for more Wegan in Hawaii vlogs!!

#2 (I always love the beginning of this video)

#3 (When Whitney lost her iphone)

#4 (When we were asked if we were twins ha)

#5 (New beginning & end- Our 2 years & a half anniversary)

#6 (Date night, shave ice & sunset)

#7 (Our trip to North Shore)

#8 (Megan's sister & her bf arrive + Megan's 24th birthday)

#9 (Whitney's Graduation!)

#10 (Last vlog- beach party, North Shore & Luau)

So did anyone watch them all? Did you enjoy? :)

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