Aint No Sunshine When She's Gone

I have that song singing in my head at the moment, ever since it was mentioned at the family dinner last night.  One day my mother commented how Whitney was like having sunshine in the room. I think that is adorable and very accurate. We started to sing sunshine songs last night... I started with "you are my sunshine, my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey".  Then mother pipes in with 'Aint no sunshine'... well how depressing!! But again, very true.

Lets all reminisce and have a listen here:

& now that you feel sad, listen to this song:

What are your favourite sunshine songs?

My sister did suggest this:

We always dread days like today when you finally have to say goodbye.  We know this time it's different, that with the visa we'll be applying soon and she'll be back before we know it.. but it's still going to be a month or so and most people know how hard it is to be apart from your partner; especially when they are your lover, best friend... your everything.

I'm going to mope around today and then it's my first day of work tomorrow, ah!!

Needless to say get ready for many blog updates!

Please don't take my sunshine away...

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