We are back from a great time in Paris, we walked so much it was unbelievable! We saw so much- the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Sacre Coeur, Monmarte, Moulin Rouge, Versailles, Marie Antoinette's estate... The list goes on. We of course had many yummy cafe au lait's, crepes and a lovely Valentines Day<3 

Will give you the FULL run through what we did in Paris, as well as in London & Brighton after Whitney has left. (Pains me to write that). Can you believe she has been here 3 weeks?? She leaves next sunday (26th) :( :( :( 

We do however have some GOOD news...

1) I have a job!!!!! :) :) :) Yes indeedy, got the call that I got the job when we were in Brighton and we were/ are so excited & pleased! I start the day after Whitney leaves.. again waa :(

2) As soon as I get my first pay slip we can apply for Whitney's visa to finally move over here!! OH YES!!! So looks like we wont be apart for too long... again keep your fingers crossed as always!

For now, here's some of our instagram pictures from Paris to keep you updated!

Sorry that we haven't had the opportunity to blog much and I'm SO behind with all y'all blogs... hope you've all been doing great. Will catch up soon I promise!

Much love


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