Gay Rights Round Up- Gay Marriage Debate

Wow what a week so far for gay rights in the UK.  

Just as the government are about to go into talks about gay marriage, the biggest attack against marriage equality came from Catholic Cardinal Keith O'Brien.  He believes that gay marriage is 'grotesque' and akin to legalising slavery.  You can read his article here, where he has stated "We cannot afford to indulge this madness".  Following this, a letter against gay marriage will be read out at Mass all around the UK this coming weekend.  Whereby Catholics are going to be told they have a duty to 'prevent' gay marriage.  

Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive to Stonewall, responded to such ridiculous homophobic claims- and we must say in a very witty way.

"The cardinal says you can't redefine history, but the reality is that there are still some lesbian and gay people who want the registration of their long-term relationship to be defined as marriage,"

"And if you're not going to redefine history then presumably the cardinal is about to launch a campaign against air travel, which redefined history."


He also states that those who say marriage is only for man and woman, that they best make sure they marry the opposite sex.,, Ha! I worked for Stonewall Cymru in Wales for three years and so have the pleasure to know Ben.  He will forever be an inspiration of mine.

Just when it seemed to be pure negativity towards gay marriage came The Times' editorial  publically back gay marriage.  This is the first time that any newspaper has shown such a stance. 

“It would enrich the institution of marriage, enhance social stability and expand the sum of human happiness. It is a cause that has the firm support of The Times."


An article by the Times colunist Hugo Rifkind puts forward that "‘Eeeeuw’ is no argument against gay marriage". To read it click here.

Today there was a very welcomed response from Rev Dr Ison, the new dean from St. Pauls, advocating that gay marriage should be embraced. 

"We need to take seriously people's desire for partnership and make sure that the virtues that you see in married relationships are available to people who are gay,"

Finally some sensible talking from the Church of England!

So in reiteration to Cardinal Keith O'brien's statement, no we cannot afford to indulge your ridiculous.  Hopefully the rest of the country will see sense when it comes to true love and the 21st century.

In other news- after a week at my new job, I am also the Ambassador of Equality & Diversity! I am very pleased that I can put my Masters and passion into good use.
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