Love Stories: Sarah & Danielle- UPDATE!

I featured the love story of Sarah and Danielle back in January 2011. They were the second couple to have their love story on our blog, and they have since been the most popular love story to date! I thought you may like to know how they're doing over a year later... So take it away Sarah!

Love Stories: Sarah & Danielle- the UPDATE!

We are pleased to inform you that we are still very much in love and much has happened since our first love story blog post! 

At the beginning of March 2011 we went on holiday to Los Angeles and then to Las Vegas where we went to Disneyland, did a tour of LA, saw Celine Dion in her Las Vegas Colosseum show, met up with our friends in the USA, took part in a flash mob and had a jolly time.

Later in the year Danielle found out she had got into the full time post-graduate university course she had hoped for and so since then we have moved house to another part of town so that she doesn’t have to drive too far. This has meant that I am ‘bringing home the bacon’ each month which isn’t the easiest on my wage but knowing that there is just 2 months left of Danielle’s course is comforting for us.

Tightening the purse strings has meant that we can’t go out to dinner and treat each other as often as we would have liked to which is a shame, but we still make time for doing special things together, like going to the cinema and having romantic dinners at home instead. Even though money is tight we know it is most important to make special time for each other and keep the passion alive. 

In October 2011 I sent off my 120 page long partner visa application, leaving my fate and destiny in the hands of Aussie immigration. With bated breath we began the wait, constantly wondering if today would be the day we would hear from them. Disappointingly we were told the wait would be up to 10 months which was so frustrating considering I had to pay $3000 
for it.

To our surprise just before my birthday in November 2011 last year we received an extremely important letter from immigration. Our partner visa for Australia was accepted (yay!) so I can stay with my love indefinitely in Australia! And what was even greater was my mum was here for the good news. She came from England to visit which was fantastic. She met all of Danielle’s massive family and fit right in! It was so surreal to see my mum standing there chatting with Danielle’s mum. She even said it felt like she had known my mum for years! 

Christmas 2012 was spent at Danielle’s parents and involved a lot of food – lasagne to start with followed by schnitzels, turkey, salad and all kinds of Italian-Australian food. We were so full! On Boxing day we headed home to pack for our luxurious holiday to the beautiful tropical Port Douglas on the East coast of Australia. We had a wonderful time and splashed out on expensive meals and had a spa morning one day and just enjoyed being in each others’ company without a care in the world. It was definitely a good idea to go away and spend quality time together without any distractions. 

We have now made big life changing plans to move in England in August 2012 as I am starting a post-grad course there (as I cannot afford the Australian international fees!) then we plan to settle in Australia together after my studies are completed in a few years. We are both excited and anxious for this big move to happen. There are just 3 short months until we pack up our life in Australia which is very daunting, however we are happy to spend time in England getting to know my friends and family. 

There is no one else I would rather have by my side and we still count our lucky stars each day that we found each other and a love so strong and pure. Sometimes when she is fast asleep laying by my side at night I sometimes try and imagine what my life would be like without her and well, I can’t. 

Awww aren't they just one of the cutest couples you've ever seen?? So excited for them to come over to England for a bit! Finally get to meet Danielle and have some double dates yay!!

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