Our Engagement Video!!!

As a birthday present, Harry finally edited our proposal video! <3 we love it! Yay!! It's even more than we could have hoped for. (He spent 12 hours on it bless him). Unfortunately due to the music used in it, it is banned in the USA :( NoOooOoo! I'm trying to upload it to other sites to see if it will work and will post it here if it does. So everyone else not in the UK, enjoy!

Click HERE to watch it on youtube. 
EDIT: We now have the video on Vimeo!! Hopefully everyone can watch it.
We also want to say a big thank you and hurrah to Obama 'coming out' and supporting gay marriage yesterday. It is funny that earlier on in the day I was discussing with a work colleague how he says he views are 'evolving' and he's probably saying that not to lose votes from those more right wing. However Obama took us all by surprised and reinforced why he is the man for the job!
On a sadder note, I encourage you to watch this video. It is very sad, and you will most likely cry. It is heart ache unimaginable and I'm sure it reaches the hearts of anyone who watches. It reinforces the need of why gay marriage needs to be in place, and that we all need to fight for equality. If I ever lost Whitney, I have no idea how I would EVER cope. Stan Bitney- you are a brave man and we are so sorry for the loss of the love of your life.
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