Long Distance Loving: The Traveling (& Money!)

Long Distance Loving

Traveling (& Money!)

When embarking on a long distance relationship your main thought is, obviously, the DISTANCE! But you know what comes with this? An EXPENSIVE relationship! haha. If money was no issue, long distance relationships would be faaaaar more easier. Being that we live in popular destinations of England and Hawaii- there is never such thing as a cheap ticket. Regardless we have managed to travel many, many miles to see one another. Whether it be for 12 days, 3 weeks or 3 months. In total I have been to Hawaii 5 times and to South Carolina 4 times. Whitney has been to the UK 6 times. That's a lot of miles, money, plane journeys, packed luggages and airport hellos and goodbyes!

Wegan- Hawaii 2009- look how young!!

I embarked on the first long distance traveling to Hawaii in March 2009. Not only was this my first plane journey traveling all by myself... it's a 21 hour long journey! Scary stuff. Still I managed to successfully get myself to L.A (11 hours) and then onto Honolulu (6 hours). I have always flown with American Airlines, they always have the best prices, their airline staff are aways the nicest.. just don't talk to me about the pizza. If  have to smell it... vom. Luckily as a vegetarian (If I remember to book it) I can get some nice alternative meals haha. My favourite part to flying is the movies!! I have fond memories of trying not to cry too much to 'Marley & Me' & 'Water for Elephants'. The journey there of course is always the most exciting, for both of us. From the packing, to waking up early like it is Christmas, getting yourself to the airport, the check in, security check, waiting in the departure lounge... It's no mean an easy feat but exciting nonetheless. (The other one has a slightly easier day of butterflies and pampering to be done). We message throughout the journey and say goodbye to our last UK & USA messages. I always arrive to a 'Welcome to America!!!' text when I land :) 

Essential to traveling- neck pillow, book, makeup and camera.

The biggest pain for me when traveling is the connecting flight where on the way you have to go collect your luggage, make sure it's re-checked for your next flight and go through customs and security AGAIN! The worst wait used to be the last couple of hours before boarding the flight from L.A to Hawaii. However once I was on it, I could (try to) fall asleep knowing I'd be arriving to my girls arms and a lei in a matter of a few hours.

Oh dear- looking rough after 21 hours journey!
I've most certainly met some interesting people on the way. One of my funniest memories is boarding a plane from L.A to Honolulu and being sat amongst all the military. The girl next to me proceeded to show me all her photos of her in uniform, in the desert, and then her in makeup and in a dress. She also read me a love letter given to her... and what chapter she was up to in her 6 books. Regardless of how many times I tried to make it apparent I wanted to sleep, there was no stopping her haha. One of the highlights from traveling was being upgraded free to business class on my last flight from America to London as a result of double booking- Thank you American Airlines!


Arriving in my final desitation is of course always the most exciting part. As soon as my phone is turned back on I normally get a message from Whitney telling me to hurry up before I'm even off the plane haha. I used to love the first smell of fresh Hawaiian air as I made my way from departure lounge to the luggage claim.

The first time arriving was also the funniest. In London Heathrow people waiting are not allowed in the baggage claim, they have to wait for those arriving in the arrivals area. Little did I know that Whitney would be waiting for me at the baggage claim in Honolulu airport!! I had decided I would pop to the toilet once getting to baggage claim to freshen up after a 21 hour journey.. as I walked down the steps oblivious I heard my name being called and wondered who on earth would know my name... then I spotted Whitney coming towards me laughing with a lei as I stood there VERY confused!! haha. Needless to say I was well prepared next time. It became a ritual to grab a taco bell after wards and to then have immediate cuddles in the bed (after of course a cuddle and kiss in the car, or a sneaky kiss in the lift that we do when Whitney arrives in London). 

People often thought we were insane traveling to see one another so much. I often have to deal with jetlagg at work. But what can I say- it's worth it. She's worth it. And I wouldn't have it any other way. To be apart for months and to then be reunited is literally the best feeling in the world.

But lets talk about the worst feeling in the world that comes from long distance and traveling... the dreaded goodbye!! Whitney remembers our first goodbye as the worse. We had spent our first time together in the paradise that is Hawaii and we were together for 24/7 to suddenly having to say goodbye not knowing exactly when we'd see each other again. Whitney got back in the car after seeing me off to finding my water bottle in the car just as I left. She immediately started crying, and she found it very hard to go back to life in Hawaii where everything had now been touched by us. This is a feeling we both experience, it's often worse for the one left behind. As the one leaving is trying to get through the journey to get home and be reunited with family and friend the other end, the other has to return to a bed where they last lay, a cup they had left, towels they had last used, and an empty place at the dining table or besides them in the car. It is literally heart breaking and we often wish we could be knocked out for the day of saying goodbye. For the days leading up to the departure Whitney used to cry for many nights at the thought of it whilst I tried to hold it together for the both of us. This often meant me crying at the airport and afterwards lol. We also try to write each other letters to read once we have departed which will be so surreal to read back one day after we have been together without a goodbye for so long. And what can I say- I gladly look forward to that day!

This is of course my experience of traveling and I'm sure Whitney has many stories to tell from her equally many trips to the UK. What is clear is that regardless of the amount of money it costed, or the miles between us, we ALWAYS made it happen. Even when it seemed like it couldn't, we always did. We may look like we have a lot of money to spend but believe you me- both being students and working part-time, we did not! We literally spent ALL our money traveling to see one another. To put it at a rough figure we'd estimate a total of $25,000 spent on plane tickets!! WOAH! (You're welcome American Airlines!) and I have traveled a total of 41, 691 miles (according to AA!). Traveling has of course changed me for the better and I've got the experience the most amazing times with my girl in Hawaii. However, I cannot wait for us to travel many hours together, instead of apart.

Here's to no more airport goodbyes and one more final airport hello!!

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