Yes, really!!!!


It deserve caps lock indeedy!!

SooooOOoOoO excited/ happy/ relieved/ shocked... and a crazy amount of emotions!

We found out sooner than we thought we would! We received confirmation that they had received all our evidencee in NY on Friday, and that we'd next be emailed to tell usan Entry Clearence Officer was looing at our case. 

Next thing I knew, I was at work and Whitney starts ringing me. I always said that when that happens that its only ONE thing it can be about!! Well I was on the phone at work so I could do nothing but watch her call and wonder what it's about. "Surely we can't have heard yet? OMG is it bad news? Is she just calling to say an officer is looking at it?! Surely not?!" I had to leave my office anyways to pop downstairs so I took my phone with me and rang with baited breath... "Boo boo?!!" I anxiously asked to which she replied... "I GOT IT!!! I got my visa!!!' to which I was dumbfounded and made sure she had read the email right!! Also may have done some screaming/ squealing and jumping up and down. 

I then went back to my office and announced Whitney had got her visa (ahh still so surreal to type!) and unfortunately had to go into database training straight away. I felt like I was going to explode, I was so shaky and my heart bating and just wanted to run around telling everyone haha. By the time I came back from training my phone was inundated as Whitney had updated twitter with the GREAT news!!

We have also already booked her ticket for THIS MONDAY!!!!!! Yes that's right, a mere 6 days separate us from FINALLY living our life, day in day out, no more nights apart! & of course, soon to be wife & wife ;)

Here is a video I made leading up to the Visa plus us on the phone booking the ticket and discussing receiving the news ahh!!

Thank you ALL so much for your over whelming love and support and sharing in the excitement.


Lets raise a glass and toast to that?! Cheers!!

See you SOON baby!!! I love you!!!

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