1 Week On!

It's now been over 1 week since Whitney arrived at Heathrow. The time is flying by but at the same time feels like she has been here for ages! 

We were going to upload all our pics and give you a proper round up of What Wegan Did Next... but we appear to have mis-placed our camera UH OH. Keeping our fingers crossed that it's at our house, eek!!

Here's a quick run through though of our first week-

We had Afternoon Tea at Tophams Hotel in Belgravia, London (thanks to Groupon voucher). We sure are a fan of this tradition and loved the decor and Cath Kidston cake stand. It was however very tiny and humid in the room, plus only 4 finger sandwiches for the Veggie Megan and £4.50 per more sandwiches... Um no thanks. So we went to have dinner at Ask afterwards ;) We wondered around the area after our afternoon tea and stumbled across somewhere familiar to Megan... The place of Sarah and (was) Laura's work!

Megan sadly had to work the next three days and had to leave Whitney looking super cute in bed (ouchie). As you know, we went to stay in our house for the first time together and enjoyed settling in with a bottle of champagne. 

On the saturday we were waiting for our mattress to arrive. We found out that we would be rung 30 minutes before it arrived so we decided to take a bath.. Just like a comedy sketch the doorbell rang just as I was getting my hair wet.. I had to jump out the bath and drag on clothes whilst still wet.. and answered the door with hair half wet from the bottom up. Oh dear!!! Very funny though. 

The little sis popped round to see us as well

Our friends Laura and Sarah came round to see us on Saturday which was great to be reunited as a foursome again. Laura and Whitney enjoyed swapping stories of American - English differences with Sarah and I both agreeing we hate the way American's pronounce 'route' like 'rowt'. EW lol. Whitney will be blogging about her transitions to English life and the little cultural shocks she has been experiencing- even though she's spent a lot of time in the UK previously!! haha. We enjoyed some drinks in Browns (our go to place it seems) and relished in being able to simply walk home afterwards. We also had our first sleep over with friends yay!

Unfortunately I (Megan) suddenly came down with a piercing sore ear and throat this morning so she stayed off sick work. Typical that I haven't been sick all year! (Oh dear I just used 'sick' in the American way!) Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow as we're very much looking forward to being reunited with our friends Sonney and Ken from Hawaii who we stayed with towards the end! Will be so crazy to see them in our home town here (Ken is English and Sonney is Turkish so they often pop over).
Time To Celebrate!

Tomorrow is 4th of July, so Happy 4th of July y'all!! Bit ironic of us to celebrate American's independence from the British though hey ;)

More celebrations are due tomorrow with the civil partnership of fellow American & British couple Christine & Sarah!! Congratulations girls and we hope to see you soon!

7th July is also gay pride in London aka World Pride! We are looking forward to celebrating with Laura & Sarah and Lauren & Sarah. Femme power all the way!! If you're going to be there drop us a comment and keep an eye on our  twitter and instagrams to see where we're at- come say hi!! :)

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