What Wegan Did Next: WorldPride London 2012!

WorldPride London 2012!

This year London won the honour to host WorldPride on 7th July. This was the first time of us ever attending a Prode together, and ask Whitney's first time going to London Pride. As she had only ever been to small proves before she had NO clue what the day would be like, and was shocked to see the crazy amount of people that there was! 

As the theme was 'one world' so Whitney embraced her new UK home and we dressed patriotically to coincide with the lovely girls that we were meeting up with: Laura & Sarah from Sprezzatura and Lauren & Sarah from 2 Brides to 2 Mummies. As Megan was still ill we didn't head in early so we missed the procession and met up with the girls at the main prove stage (where Gok Wan was hosting!) On our mission to find the girls amongst the 1000's of gays we stopped by the Stonewall stall where we showed support for their new merchandise (as modelled by Megan below). They are TOTES awesome ;) Go here to buy one!! :) Megan also got to say a quick help to some of the Stonewall people she used to know when working there, including the Cheif Exec Ben Summerskill.

Finally we had found the girls and had a GREAT day! We are very glad that we have found such lovely friends through blogging!

After some time at Pride we decided we needed to refuel and headed to Soho for Pizza Express, where the streets were lined with gays. Definitely felyt like stepping into a gay world, and what a fun one it is! We went and had some cocktails after and enjoyed being in the atmosphere. It was very strange that amongst the 1000's of people there, we still managed to bump into people we know! Including Lizu from the Real L word, and Whit's friend Zoe.

Not only did we have a great day, but we enjoyed being out and proud and celebrating that we are a femme couple in love! We got asked many times if we're a) lesbians and b) sisters even by gay and lesbians themselves haha, so looks like not only do we have to educate the straight world that we exist.. the gay world needs to accept it too!

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