Meet Mya the Mini!

Wegan's got a new ride y'all and she comes by the name of Mya.. the Mini!!! :)

Megan is sell learning to drive and will soon be passing so it was about time she got a car! After going to look at Kia's, BMW's (Whitney's persuasion there, but as majority are hatch back its simply a crime) we went back to Megan's original plan to get a cute little mini... & we found her! :) Only a year old and an automatic we couldn't leave her behind. (The Sales Manager was a **** though so we're not happy about that!)

We can't wait until we get Mya later this week!! Whit will be getting a couple of driving lessons to ensure she knows how to drive on our small roads on the left hand side and then Wegan are free to roam the roads!! ;D 


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