What A Year!! So Many Changes, Such Little Time..

What A Year!!

How things have changed...

Normally you would reflect on the year you've had when the new year is looming, however SO much has changed this year already I thought I would already do a recap of it. This year has been the most change I have ever experienced in my 25 years. EVER. & not just little change...

One of the biggest changes recently was that on 15th October 2012, I passed my driving test!!! It seemed like that day would never come. I started learning earlier this year finally, and although I booked my test a few months back- 15th October was the earliest one I could get! I was very nervous as truly didn't know if I would pass or not but when it came to it I felt quite calm and confident. I passed with only 2 minors and have since been driving Mya the mini to work! It's very surreal to have this freedom, and I'm loving it. 

Of course the biggest life changer for both Whitney & I was Whitney moving over here!!! 

This is followed by our Civil Partnership!!! A big big step in our lives, that will lead to our big wegging.

I graduated from my Masters

I also bought my first ever car this year

Though before that I made the biggest purchase of my life... our house!!

Lets not forget that at the beginning of this year I also had no job.. I've had a job for half a year and had a promotion!

So let's recap- and revisit the the beginning of this year:
  • Whitney and I we were still doing long distance
  • I had no job
  • No house
  • No car.. and hadn't even started to learn to drive.
I think we can all agree that most people's big life changes happened all in one year.. it's super crazy when I think about how much has changed.... but of course ALL for the BETTER! :)

Not sure how much change can happen before 2013?? Only time will tell!!
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