Best News Ever!!!

Yesterday we received the news we had been anxiously awaiting for... 


This means she is entitled to live and work here, for good. Phew!!! In two years it will be reviewed but we really have nothing to worry about anymore. No fears of "what if", we truly can live our lives together forever!

Whitney's Facebook status she posted after receiving the news sums it up beautifully:
"Just received the most amazing news! After 4 years of long distance with my now wife, many trips back and forth from country to country, lots of happy and sad airport arrivals and departures, a lot of wishing and hoping, lots of money we didn't have, lawyers, visas and the list goes on....I can happily and proudly say that, as of today, I am now an OFFICIAL PERMANENT RESIDENT OF THE UK!!!!!!!!!!! To make today even more of an amazing day, I also have a big job interview for an amazing company on Monday!!!! :D"

So hold up your glass of champagne and join us in celebrating- Wegan Forever!

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