G'Day Mate From Our New Friends Eh!

G'Day Mate From Our New Friends Eh!

Introducing you to our Candian and Aussie friends

First up we have Georgia & Kaylee..

"Ouuut" and "Abooot" with Canadians

Back in September, the lovely Canadians Georgia visited with her girlfriend as they made their first stop to London on their European tour. We had never met before, but we had known each over online via our blogs for quite a while. (Her blog is great by the way, make sure to check it out!!) As soon as we all met up we hit it off straight away and got on great. After a drink in true English style, we took them to their first time at Nando's. Being fellow vegetarians (well vegans in fact) Nando's was still a hit with them. as Whitney says "a Nando is never a Nandon't!"

Not knowing how long they would stay at Wegan Manor, I had booked the next day off work to show them around Windsor. In fact Whitney had never properly toured Windsor, with the main stop being residence of the Queen- Windsor Castle. We walk pass it all the time, but it had been years since I had gone (& as a child, didn't really appreciate it).

Not only can you walk around the castle but you get to see the grandeur of the state apartments (VERY Wegan style haha) and also get to see the magnificent Queen Mary's Dolls Houses (not allowed to take photo's but I sneaked one).

Getting to show others your home town where you've grown up sure does make you appreciate it in a whole new light!

The girls ended up staying with us for the week and they were an absolute pleasure to have at Wegan Manor. We even had a night where Kaylee jammed with my sister Bethany (aka Freya) and we introduced them to English pancakes as Kaylee had made us her awesome pancakes (American / Canadian style?)

Even within that short amount of time we managed to merge as one- come back girls. We miss you!! & so does Wegan Manor...

To see what else the girls got up to on their tour on Europe and to check out her awesome blog visit Georgia Trying Something New.

G'Day Mate from the Aussies!

Introducing you to Danielle and Sarah!

Our friends Sarah and Danielle have recently moved back to the UK from Australia. Ok so I say the 'Aussies', and 'moved back', but that's not all necessarily true. Sarah is English and I know her from my University days, she moved out to Aus and met her girlfriend Danielle (you may remember their love story). So Sarah has moved back to study law, and Danielle has moved to the UK for the first time. So kinda Aussies moving back for a couple of years! :) Anyways, we were super glad to finally see them after maintaining contact for the two and a half years Sarah had been away. Of course I'd never met Danielle, and Whit had never met them- so it was a big first meet up. Again we hit it off great and had a fantastic weekend with them as they came to stay at Wegan manor. The funny thing is despite not knowing us in person, Danielle had helped pick out the most perfect house warming / wedding gifts (thanks girls!) 

We headed to our new favourite restaurant for lunch- Yo Sushi! Whitney has been beyond happy that she can now eat her favourite good so easily, plus its still super yummy even if you're veggie. A fellow lover of Sushi, Sarah and Danielle thoroughly enjoyed their lunch and we then went to our usual pit stop- Starbucks! We enjoyed the seasonal drinks of Pumpkin Spice Latte and Salted Caramel Mocha. 

We made our way home for some champagne before we had dinner at a Thai restaurant we had yet to try in Windsor. Luckily it was another hit! 

The weekend flew by and before we knew it we were sad to say goodbye as Sarah had to hit the books. We're super glad that we all finally got to hang out, and can't wait to do it again soon!

Danielle has two awesome blogs that you also have to check out, Keeping Up With The Kalafiore and Master Chefette (can't wait to try her cooking!!)

So what other international friends can we make?? :)
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