Progress of Wegan Manor Part 2!

Wegan Manor!

If you follow us on instagram then you will have seen the step by step progress of Wegan Manor, but for those who haven't seen it yet (or just to refresh your memory)... We have two blog posts covering our Bedroom, Kitchen and Dining Room (Lounge still to be developed). 

Here's what we've been doing to change Wegan Manor from a house to a home...

When we first moved in, it was a little bit bare and definitely had no homely feel to it...

Then Whitney came along...

Previous Post: The Bedroom

The Kitchen

No sofa, floor will do...

MigS; Cath Kidston, Coffee pot: De Longhi

Glasses: Roost

Housewife in action! 
Champagne Glasses: LSA
Cutlery and Plates: Bliss and Bloom

Mugs, toaster & kettle: John Lewis, Door matt: Huttons
Now this is our favourite part to Wegan Manor so far...

The Dining Room

We bought majority of our dining room furniture from this great shop in Bourne End called La Maison, we could buy literally everything in there. The owner is very helpful (and is good to bargain with).

We bought Annie Sloan chalk paint, light grey and light pink, and painted our ding table we got for a bargain as well as our fireplaces because we had too many different shades of woods going on. As Whitney sates: "it was like 50 shades of wood!" My sister Bethany helped with the painting so we managed to paint a dinning table, two fireplaces, top of a chesterdrawers, plus even a banister knob got turned pink! 

Welcome to the girliest house ever.. Wegan Manor!

Lights & Photo frame: Next

New fairy lights: B&Q

Ushi's: Cardiff
At the moment our lounge is not a lounge.. unless you count a tumblr dryer (that's meant to be in the garage) as a sofa.. So one day once our lounge is nice and cosy with a gorgeous grey button back chesterfield sofa and the fire on, we'll present it to you. (& let's not even mention the spare bedroom, I mean walk in closet.. I mean bedroom..)

For now- that is the complete tour of Wegan Manor! So, what do you think? 

Wegan Manor
Making A House A Home...

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