Love Stories ♥ Toy & Joy

Finally we bring you some more aloha love to brighten up your screens. Turns out we're not the only lesbians doing long distance to the beautiful destination that is Hawaii, some other lesbian has the task of enduring the beautiful scenes that Hawaii has to offer.. and that is Toy! Well someone's got to do it! Not only does her girlfriend live in Hawaii, but she herself lives in North Carolina! What a coincidence!! (She is a bit more faboosh than us though.) Don't take our word for it, here is their story...

Love Stories ♥ Toy & Joy

Fall 2010 Toy was having a regular night on the computer. She was on a website by the name of Downelink. A beautiful girl by the name of Joy hits her up via chat. They talk for roughly a week via text and just like most random moments on the PC they stop talking. No harm, no foul, but that’s just the way that part in the story went.

5 months later during the top of the winter 2011 Toy decides to have a night out on the town. Not knowing where the night would take her she just knew she wanted to have fun and ironically so did Joy. Both heading out to the club to spend time with potential boos they bump into each other. A week later they had an amazing night at Joy’s place and let’s just say the night ended with Toy’s first kiss from a girl and it was quite magical. The magic did not just end there though a couple of weeks later they attended a “Prince” concert and became an item on that same amazing night!!! Oh yea J Only to break up a week later… Let the story unfold, lol.

The exact night was Friday, April 1st… Yeah April Fool’s and boy did Toy feel like one. Joy wanted to slow things down a bit and truly get to know Toy before she left for the military June of that year. A very unhappy yet understanding Toy carried on with her fun-loving friendship with Joy and a month and 4 days later Joy asked Toy out again!!! The second go round of their relationship the girls thought it would be the perfect time for them to meet each other’s family. Toy’s family welcomed Joy in with open arms. Joy’s family did as well for the most part. Her mother was a little hesitant of the “gay” association that her daughter would make her have BUT all was well when she found out Toy had a love of fashion just like her, lol. With Joy leaving in June the girls thought it would be great for them to take a road trip to NYC PRIDE June 2011.

They stuck things out from June-September 2011 while Joy was away in Basic Training. They were able to speak on the phone once a week during basic training and imagined things would be easier when Joy was in tech school but things were not. They found themselves arguing and just being angry. Angry that they could not see each other and confused about what was next for their relationship… As you all may have guessed: they broke up for 8 months.

Reuniting in April of 2012 the two vowed to each other to work things out and never part ties again, at least not at the expense of distance. Toy traveled all the way across the United States, from NC to Hawaii, to visit Joy for two weeks in July to help rekindle the fire and desire the two had within. Let’s just say from the time she landed to the time she left it was like a dormant volcano had erupted, pair was explosive with love J Joy has since been to NC in October 2012 visiting Toy and family for 3 weeks! The two have a very promising future ahead and only time will tell where love will take them next.

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XOXOXO --- Joy and Toy
You really must check out their blog and videos, Toy cracks us up! This video where she filmed on the way to collect Joy from Charlotte airport (where Megan used to fly into visit Whitney) had us laughing so much, particularly when she thinks she spots her plane (at 1.57min)!!...

Best of luck girls and hopefully we'll meet you along the way at NC or Hawaii!!

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