When Wegan Met Luclyn!

A couple weeks back, we had the pleasure of meeting fellow long distance and British/ American couple Kaelyn and Lucy AKA Luclyn. Like us, they have been documenting their long distance relationship online and they've come to be an inspiration for many along the way. Kaelyn originally stumbled across our youtube and they were very happy to find a couple who had also been doing long distance- as well as successfully conquered it!

Kaelyn arrived in London on 9th March, and we were honoured to have the lovely ladies come visit and stay at Wegan Manor for their first full day of being reunited again. Having not met before, we all instantly got on fantastically and we sat chatting for a few hours (yay that we now have a sofa), before heading to show them Windsor (and of course grab a coffee). It just so happened to be an absolutely freezing day out, but they managed to get a glimpse of Windsor Castle and the Long Walk, where we hilariously tried to get a photo of the four of us.

We headed back to Wegan Manor for some champagne on rather empty stomachs... two champagne bottles later it was safe to say we were all a bit tipsy... Then this middy drunk video happened- The Newlywed Game!

Afterwards we headed out for much needed food at Thai Square (not Times Square!) Our time with them drew to a close all too soon with Whitney and I have to work the next day (boo!) They were an absolute pleasure to have stay, and the cutest guests ever even leaving us a costa gift card <3 

Our pleasure girls!!

It was great to finally meet these lovely ladies, and beyond sharing the commonality of doing long distance, it is great to find friends that we truly get along with. We wish them all the best on their journey to conquer long distance, and we'll be with them every step of the way!

To read about their version of their stay with us, visit their blog!
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