Back From The Sweet South!

A rather tanned, jet lagged and suffering from sweet tea withdrawals Wegan are back from the gold ol' South. 
We had an absolutely amazing time and travelled many miles between South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and back to South Carolina! 
We caught up with friends and family, had an adventure or two and also fell we love with this little rascal Aegi ("Eggie"). 
Once we have fully functioning brains we will update you fully about our great holiday... It was so hard to leave!!
Whitney's mother treated me to a new snazzy canon camcorder for me birthday (lucky me!) so we filmed lots when we were away. We still have half a years worth of footage to edit and put up for you, but if your missing us, see what we got up to in November & December. We received the great news of Whitney's visa, had Thanksgiving.. and Whitney may have arm wrested, and ridden a mechanical bull... Maybe...
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