5 Years Ago.. I Could Have Been Catfished!

It's just dawned on us that this is THE very weekend when we first ever met in person!! It is so crazy to think back to 5 years ago, of the nervous meeting by Waterloo station and not knowing what the future had in store for us... Which has now turned into 5 beautiful years, a move across countries, a Civil Partnership and even a kitten addition to the family!! 

We often laugh about how I could have totally been catfished! Whitney & I chatted online for a while before we met, however she would never get on webcam for me! So I used to get on webcam for her now and then. Whitney hated webcams, but I hated phones! So funnily enough we didn't speak on the phone until the day or two before we met! How crazy is that?! I knew Whitney was real, she had many photos on myspace & Facebook. Still I wasn't sure how I would feel until I would actually meet her in person- she heavily edited her myspace photos!! Haha. Of course as you know, as soon as we met, the rest was herstory ;)

You Had Met At Hello...

This video makes us laugh, it's my first ever recordings of Whitney (a little bit tipsy).. who knew of the many videos to come!!

We listened to a very nostalgic playlist today that absolutely takes us back to the first few months of dating, days of incesnse, candles and wine in her uni halls of residence in Roehampton, London! (As can be seen in the video above!) We would like to share that playlist with you, so have a listen if you will :) 

We have both grown up together and changed a lot in the last 5 years.. It's been a journey that's for sure, I'm just so glad that despite all the obstacles in the way, we still continued on the same path together. Here we are 5 years later... we never could imagine what that fateful weekend in September 2008 would bring! It changed our lives forever for the better.

Next weekend we will be celebrating our first ever Anniversary as Wife on Wife on 28 September. 

The following weekend will be 5 October- our 5 years of officially being a couple!

Lots of celebrations to come... we best stock up on the Champagne!

I love you baby, you're the best thing in my life and I love my life with you.. M x

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