We're Off On Holiddaaayyy!!!

Oh yes, on this horrid raining and grey day in England, we are packing our bags and off on holiday TOMORROW! We are going with my parents and sister Bethany to Crete, Greece! We can't wait!! This is basically an early anniversary present for us, and we look forward to warming up our bodies in the Greek sun!

Our villa looks AH-MAZING!!! Ah we cannot wait!! We will update you with a few pictures whilst we're away if we can, so be sure to follow our Twitter @whatwegandid and Instagrams @meganfromwegan and @wbacon11.

Don't worry, whilst we are going to miss our dearest Kisses very much, my sister Lauren and Harry sadly are not going on the holiday.. so they are moving in to Wegan Manor to cat sit!

Also catch up on what Wegan did in America back in May! #MURICA!

P.S you can hate us slightly less as we have to leave the house at 3.30am tomorrow!!
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