Taylor Hanson- What Could Have Been...

You may or may not be aware that I’m a bit of a fan of Hanson.

At the age of 10 I discovered Hanson. In fact it was my mother who pointed them out to me. I immediately became (maybe a little bit) obsessed (not like my walls were covered in posters or anything). I listened to Hanson's 'Middle of Nowhere' on my casette player so much on repeat, that I think I actually wore it out. 'MMMbop', 'Where's the Love' and 'I Will Come to You' will always evoke memories of my childhood.. I will always be sadded to not discover, "where did Jonny go?!" (Yearbook reference, check your facts). I was forever scarred by my sisters as I sang along to Hanson WITH MY HEADPHONES ON completely out of tune and thus I was branded tone deaf the rest of my life and refused to sing... (I got a 2 out of 10 when I was forced to sing Happy Birthday for my music teacher at school.. I could have been great...)

My mother surprised me by taking me to my very first concert to see Hanson at the mere age of 11 years old. She had convinced me that I was too young to go see them, and I moaned all day at school how unfair it was that Hanson were breathing the same air and I could not be there. Later that day she picked me up from my ballet lesson and surprised me with tickets the show at Wembley Stadium. It was absoloutely amazing. I remember that Zac had glow in the dark drum sticks, apparently I asked my mum for permission to raise my hands in the air and it was also the highest decibel ever recorded concert. Because we were all little girls. And mothers.

My mother hoped (plotted, planned, who knows) that I would end up marrying Taylor Hanson. She thought I'd become an Olympic runner (I gave up running in my early teenage years, so sorry Mum..) and that I'd meet Hanson at some Olympic event and ta-da, the marriage bells would ring.

Well sorry mother, you got it half right. I did fall in love and marry someone with beautiful long blonde locks. Only their name is Whitney. 

My mother absolutely loves and accepts me as her gay daughter and also embraces Whitney as her own daughter as well. 
Still, I'm sorry Taylor that we were not meant to be. But it turns out we both have great taste in women ;)

15 years later I'm returning the favour and I'm taking my mother to see her non-future son-in-law (& Zac and Ike) this Sunday 8th December in London. 

When I gave mother tickets to see Hanson back on her birthday back in June (see this video) she got a bit excited when she saw what grown up Taylor now looks like.

Taylor, perhaps it was my mother after you all along ;)

Hanson, thank you providing such great songs throughout all of my childhood - We look forward to bopping along to your tunes on Sunday, and this time I’ll be giving my mother permission to raise her hands in the air.
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