Hawaii We're Coming For You!

We are SO excited because tomorrow we are finally returning to Hawaii after 3 years! We haven't returned since we got engaged in Hawaii and left not knowing exactly when the end of long distance would occur. In the year that have passed we have conquered long distance, had a Civil Partnership and lived together with hardly a night apart for over 2 years!

There are so many places and people that we are looking forward to see, we just can't wait! We even get to attend our friend Julia's bachlorette, bridal shower & wedding, yay!!
We'll no doubt update our social media whilst we're away, so follow us @whatwegandid and our instagrams @wbacon11 & @meganfromwegan to see what we get up to!
We've been asked if we'll be doing any 'meet & greet' in Hawaii. We won't be organising anything official but of course please do come say hi if you see us, we'd love to meet you :)
ALOHA!! We're ready for you Hawaii! We're coming home.
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