We're Back From Hawaii & Back To Reality!

Sadly we have not spent a month in Hawaii, we have been back to the UK for 2 whole weeks already! In fact, this time last month we had just arrived in Hawaii! Crazy how time flies by. I've been itching to do our big post about our Hawaii trip however not only were we attacked by jet lag, but we also came down with a hideous head cold since the day we've landed.. and we're only just about over it! Talk about a come down!! (We've also just about finished all our washing from our trip... we took enough to last us 3 months!)
I'll be working on the big Hawaii post shortly, but to keep you going here's our first vlog from Hawaii- how jealous I am that our 24 hour trip gets condensed for you for in minutes ;)
Ahh how good it felt to be just arriving in Hawaii! We have a few more vlogs to come from our Hawaii trip so keep an eye out on our Youtube Channel!
We also did the Ice Bucket Challenge (as nominated by Kaelyn & Lucy) for ALS whilst in Hawaii- check it out! Whitney's reaction is hilarious!!...

Whilst you're comfy, remember our trips to Paris & Nice & Monte Carlo? Well you can watch what we got up to as well! 

Not too shortly before departing for Hawaii it looked like Megan would have had to be going solo... as Whitney got herself stuck in the toilet!!

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