Whitney's Next Visa - AGAIN!

Yep. Here we go again. You're thinking "but Whitney's already got her visa?!" Correct! However her visa was granted for 2 years after our Civil Partnership. she now has to apply for 'Indefinite leave to remain' in the UK. Which means once granted, she can stay here FOREVERRR. it doesn't grant her British citizenship / dual citizenship though.. she can apply for that in 1 years time if she wants to. So this is our 4th visa that have applied for in order for us to live together. 

Not only do we have to apply for a visa and gather lots of evidence (mainly to demonstrate that we've been living together the last 2 years) but Whitney has to take the 'Life in the UK' test. TOMORROW. Oh my gawddd!! We are so nervous! You HAVE to pass in order to apply for the visa (which we've already paid for). 
There is literally no time for her to fail and re-sit, because next weekend on 1st November we are off to Cardiff for her visa appointment! We had to pay extra for a face to face appointment that gets you an answer that day, otherwise you have to wait SIX MONTHS & they hold your passports for that time. No thanks. 
So if you're British I bet you're wondering if even you would pass the 'Life in the UK' test.. & I bet you the answer is .. NO. I've been testing Whitney and I hardly know the answers! Here's a mock test online and you can download apps that do mock tests. I just did one and failed. You need 75% to pass, which means you need to get 18/ 24 correct! Download it & give it a go- let us know how you did?!
Pretty please think of us tomorrow & have everything cross as it's a big hurdle we have to pass. 

GO BABY GO!!! You can do it!! 

I love you so much for having to go through all this so that we can continue as wife and wife, and as a family with our little Kisses!
Want to re-live our visa process? Read here, herehere, here, here, here... & lastly here's some visa advice for y'all! Bit out-dated as we wrote it in 2013 and will look at updating when we can. Good luck to anyone else going through the same process!!
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