Femme Visibility in the News!

Ruby Tandoh, the Great British Bake Off contestant and writer. Photograph: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Thanks to the beautiful Ruby Tandoh (Great British Bake Off contestant) for recently coming out, femme visibility is now in the mainstream. The talented writer Bella Qvist has brought much needed attention to femme visibility and the assumption of heterosexuality with her article for the Guardian, Comment is Free section, "So Ruby Tandoh came out? It won’t be the last time". Definitely a good and will probably raise a few eyebrows, but also hopefully open some minds.

Ruby came out via Twitter posting a link to the song "I'm coming out", and in turn she has heard from lots of people who have since come out due to her bravery. This is such a wonderful thing and it just emphasises why we need more people to come out, and more role models.

So thank you Ruby, power to the femmes! I hope more follow suit.

"There is a great lack of lesbian role models. Who do the young lesbians have to show them that they can be feminine and still be gay? Growing up is confusing for anyone, and I certainly felt that there was no one to look up to and help me see that my future could be bright, with a gorgeous wife and the house with the white, picket fence."- Megan Evans.

If this topic has intrigued you to know more, read my article about Femme Invisibility and The Assumption of Heterosexuality.


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