I'm in a Long Distance Relationship... With My Mother!!

Here's What Happens When you Have to Move 1000's of Miles for Love!

Long distance relationships are incredibly difficult, especially if the distance is between TWO oceans and a massive continent. I lived in beautiful Hawaii for 6 years between 2006 - 2012 and during that time I managed to embark in a long distance relationship with a girl named Megan, all the way over in the UK! We experienced some amazing moments in Hawaii, such as getting engaged on Waimanalo beach. However at the time, Megan wasn't legally allowed to move to Hawaii due the lack of gay rights. That being the case, after 4 years of battling the distance, I packed up my life and moved to the UK to bridge the gaps in geography and to ultimately start my life with the one I love.

What I didn't really think through, or prepare for, is that in moving to join the love of my life, I had to leave everything and everyone else behind. I conquered one long distance to only find myself in another one! I'm now left being in a long distance relationship with my Mother, Father, family and friends. Being my mother's only child naturally made us extremely close growing up; she was a wonderful mother and made me the person I am today. I knew I had to leave in order to start a family with my now wife, but I didn't realise I was essentially leaving her to join another family. Megan's family have been amazing and have truly accepted and made me apart of the family, however it's incredibly hard to have to spend birthdays, mother's day, Christmas', Thanksgivings, etc away from my own family. Guilt starts to set in. It's one thing moving states, which I have done several times, but moving countries with completely different time zones is another matter entirely...

Read the rest of Whitney's article on The Huffington Post! Have you moved countries for love? Do you have a similar experience to Whitney? Comment below & let us know!

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