When Wegan Met Bria & Chrissy... Again!

Recently we had the pleasure of hanging out with Bria and Chrissy again in London! If you don't know them, they're fellow Youtubers who can sing & act (wish we had your skills ladies!) You may recall that we met them a couple of years ago, where they got up to some mayhem in Windsor.. including trying to hold strangers hands, along with my sister Bethany!! Check that video out here.

This time we met them in London, and unfortunately my iPhone had crashed on me the day before, therefore we had a bit of a wait at the Apple store to see if my phone could get fixed. Shout out to the lovely Apple Assistant who was a gay guy from Australia. The girls were so kind to wait with me, and got UBER excited when they thought they had magically fixed my phone! Alas, it was working again but I had lost ALL of my 5,000 photos. Due to lack of space, I was unable to back up my iCloud sine April 2014, and I hadn't updated the new system. So there's a lesson there kids- delete some photo's, back up your shit, update when they tell you to!! Haha...

Anyways, we headed to the Mexican street food restaurant Wahaca in Soho, where we had a wonderful time catching up. They filled us in on why they've been coming to visit London, and all will be revealed soon (hopefully next week). After getting winked at by a hot waitress, trying chilli chocolate, drinking passionfruit margaritas (Wegan), and tea (Chrissy..with Mexican?!) we moved on to to check out the new lesbian bar She Soho. Well I'm not sure how new it is, but since Candy Bar closed, we hadn't yet checked out the new lesbian hang out. We all loved it at She, it may be tiny but it has great cocktails, a place to talk and then as it filled up, a great atmosphere! The bar staff were also very lovely and excited to have us all there. We look forward to returning one day soon! Insert pic of lovely bar staff...

We decided we'd hogged a table at She bar long enough and headed to G-A-Y Late. Turns out we were early, as we arrived 1 minute vefore the doors open. Therefore at first we had the place to ourselves! (See video... we were so cool).

Before we knew it, sadly it was time to say goodbye. We had such a fun day and truly haven't laughed like that in a long time. Come back soon girls! Or better yet, we'll come to LA! ;)

Check out our vlog from our day with Bria & Chrissy here:

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