Join Wegan & March in Androids Online Pride!

(l-r) Sam Smith, Tom Daley and Jessie J celebrating the #AndProud parade 

We're super proud to partner up with Android and their global, online Pride. Their aim is to create world-wide reaching Pride with everyone creating their own digital selves at Androdify. It's great to see a company that boldly and passionately embraces diversity.

We had so much fun creating our Android characters and think they look spookily so much like us. I'm sure you can guess who's who!

Aren't they just great?! Create yours at Androidify and share them with us, tweet us @whatwegandid & @android using #andproud.

Here's more info from Android:

Join our global Pride celebration:

#AndProud Pride is one of the world’s greatest celebrations of diversity, one that we’re excited to support every year. For 2015, we’re doing something a little different: we’ve created an online parade, #AndProud, so that people from around the world can celebrate Pride together.

To join the global parade, visit Androidify, where you can create your own Android character with a fun new Pride wardrobe. During the weekend of June 27-28 your character will party side-by-side with others from around the world in the online parade. But the celebration doesn’t end there. While the virtual parade happens online, thousands of Googlers will hit the streets of San Francisco, London and New York to show their support in those citywide Pride festivals. Some of the best #AndProud characters will appear on big screens as part of Google’s pride floats in all three cities. In addition to #AndProud and our floats in SF, London and NYC, we’re celebrating Pride in our offices around the world, and in all sorts of ways across our products. We’re excited to be able to extend the celebration and give people around the world a new way to share their Pride. Hope to see you at the parade!
 We hope you have fun creating your characters and maybe you'll appear on their big screens at pride!

London Pride 2015

Are you going to any Pride's this year? We're heading to London Pride on Saturday 27th June, make sure you say hi if you see us! We'll be tweeting our location throughout the day. Let us know if they're any other Pride's you think we should check out! ;) If you're looking for something to wear to Pride you can get 15% off Wegan Merch when you quite "pride2015". We're hoping to release Pride specific t-shirts soon as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

Happy Pride!

psst. we're working on a super secret and exciting project that we can't wait to share with you soon!

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