Wegan's Super Secret, Gay Faves & Diva Vlogs!

Oh hey there! Psst... We wanted to let you into a little secret... if you hadn't already heard.. We've been busy working on a super secret project that's been in the works for years, and we're finally getting close to launching! YAY! We can't giveaway too much apart from it is a website and it's in response to someting that our fans have been asking! & we think you're going to love it!! Ssh! 

We've also been a bit busy filming videos lately and stepping away from the vlogs. Catch up with our many Gay Faves of the mo here:

What are your Gay Faves?

We've teamed up with DIVA Mag in the lead up to the launch and to discuss the project as well as a few other bits & bobs! Watch the first vlog below and keep an eye on Diva's twitter & YouTube for the next installment:

Who's excited to find out about our secret project??

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