Happy National Coming Out Day!

Today marks a celebration felt around the world to embracing who we are, to be proud of ourselves and the LGBT community. It's also to give support, encouragement and hope to those who haven't ventured out of the closet yet. It doesn't mean you have to do it today, but hopefully it shows that there are many of us who have gone through the process and leading happy fulfilled lives. Do it when the time feels right for you (though you may end up having no choice, like me!)

We're proud to openly live our lives openly out as lesbians (in our personal, work and online lives), and enjoy life as wife and wife. But it wasn't necessarily an easy process to get to where we are. Both Whitney and I came out when we were 15/16 years old. We're now nearing 30! (What a scary thought!) Everyone has their own personal experience of coming out. Whitney and I both experienced negative reactions from our mother's, and yet we are both embraced as daughter-in-laws and they're looking forward to our wedding next year! So please do remember, there is always a loving LGBT community out there to support you, and yes, it really does get better.

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