Did You Hear?!

We're brewing a VEGAN BACON BEER!!

If you don't follow us on social media then you may have missed our big announcement about our very exciting project we've been working on the past few weeks!! We're super excited to be working with Windsor & Eton Brewery / Uprising Brewery to create this awesome, niche beer. Yes really - a vegan bacon IPA!

Whitney's had a dream for a while now to have a beer that was quirky and infused with bacon (somewhat driven by the fact she has Bacon as a surname!) On a whim, Whitney contacted Webrew to see if they'd be interested in partnering up. To our (Megan's) surprise - they were indeed interested!

We soon met to talk about logistics and before we knew it, we were working with Kieran (Uprising Brewery) making our beer! We had two options with infusing it with bacon, a) real bacon (Megan the vegetarian starts to hyperventilate) or b) vegan. It was a no brainer to go vegan, so that it was inclusive to all & no cute piggys were harmed in the making of our beer!

We've been filming all the behind the scenes so you'll get to see our full bacon beer journey! But for now, watch our YouTube video announcement below to find out a bit more (including the name!) & if you're an illustrator then please do contact us as we need our logo designed ASAP!

With our 'babe'

Smells like bacon...

Oh & COME ALONG TO OUR LAUNCH! We'd love to see you there! We're having a launch event on 26th May at Windsor & Eton Brewery. RSVP via this link. 

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