Goodbye 2017. Hello 2018!

Happy New Year!!

Credit: Party with Lenzo

It is sad for us to say goodbye to 2017, as it was our best and most successful year so far!

In Wegan tradition, we will be looking back on what we hoped to achieve in 2017 and what we actually did, as well as our hopes for 2018!

Let's recap on what we thought 2017 would bring... 
  • Getting married!! 28th September 2017, Palm Springs, California baby!
    That sure did happen!! & you can see some photos here, and watch it here. Best day ever!
  • Saying hiiiii to the gym to lose some love pounds for our love day!
    We say hiii to the gym a few times, even including on our first morning in LA. Then we stopped but kept pretty active on our travels. WOOPS!
  • We have a super exciting secret project we'll be working on and hope to be able to announce soon.
    This was our B.A.B.E. IPA that we successfully brewed & launched. Find out more about that here.
  • We have TV shows airing on major networks, so waiting for those to go live! Eek!
    Say Yes To The Dress UK aired on TLC UK in June 2017 and to our surprise, the BBC ONE show 'Britain's Secrets with Anne Robinson' finally aired in August 2017 (we filmed it in April 2016!)
  • Whitney is applying for dual citizenship! Yep! Whitney successfully became a British citizen and now has dual citizenship to the USA and UK! (She had a little ceremony in front of the Queen's picture & everything!)
  • Megan to celebrate her 30th Birthday!
    I sure did turn 30! With a trip to Mykonos with the wifey, followed by a party with my nearest and dearest.
  • Hope to travel to Italy and around California... as well as our honeymoon in Hawaii!
    Well... the trip to Italy didn't happen, but we quit our jobs and travelled around California for one month. Hawaii for one month, little trip to Las Vegas, followed by one month in Kentucky / Tennessee. So yah, think we can tick that one off the list! Read more about our travels here
  • To continue to update you on our lives via blog post and videos as much as we can.. but to not put too much pressure on ourselves.
    We started to improve this once we were no longer working our full time jobs. We managed to publish more blog posts than we have since 2014. Go us! & this year will be ever better. Pinky promise! We also have a bunch of travel vlogs up, with more to come, wedding vlogs AND even did vlogmas for the first time!
  • Megan to post more/ show more about 'Handy' Without even remembering this was an aim for 2017, I definitely felt a lot more comfortable to show Handy in pictures and videos (especially with vlogmas). It's amazing how different I feel about it and how body confident I feel.  More content to come too, so watch this space!
A few fav photo's from 2017:

Here's a few more highlights from 2017:
  • Started out filming about long distance relationships with Alice Levine for BBC iPlayer Radio One. 
  • In searching for our wedding dress & filming for SYTTD, we ended up making friends for life with bridal consultant Zoe & dress designer Christine Dando.
  • We saw the amazing musical Rent in Cardiff. 
  • We raced Porsches at their Porsche Experience Centre, Silverstone.
  • Thank to Landrover UK, we got to borrow a Range Rover Autobiography Sport for two weeks, which we super loved driving. 
  • Megan & her mum attended a Hanson concert and had the best time (even featured in a photo on Zac Hanson's instagram... if you look closely enough haha!)
  • We were invited to an event at the ambassador of sweden's residence for gay pride.
  • We were invited to walk with Youtube/ Google float at London Pride. 
  • Attended Drag Con and met some of our fav drag queens, and judge Michelle Visage!
  • We held a Find Femmes Summer Mixer at She Bar Soho to rave success. 
  • We were fortunate to work with COJ events for our wedding and Cathy and Dorry are now family to us. 

What does 2018 hold for Wegan?

2018 is the year of the unknown and it's the scariest and most exciting year yet as we're hoping to continue working for ourselves!
  • Our biggest plan of the year is to travel even more! Italy, Canada, New York City, San Fran, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Florida.. you name it, we want to go. We're just excited to see where we end up going!
  • To continue to bring you even more content via the blog, YouTube and our social media accounts. 
  • Create more Find Femmes events in the UK and even globally!...
  • Brew more of our B.A.B.E. IPA.
  • Whitney to celebrate her 30th Birthday!
  • Wegan to celebrate our 10 YEAR anniversary!! Say what?!
  •  To focus on what makes us happy. 
Let's see what happens!... What are you hopes for what 2018 will bring for you?

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