How to make tasty AF Vegan Pancakes

We will be bringing you 3 very simple & tasty vegan breakfast's using the same key ingredients. The first one we are dying to tell you are these vegan pancakes that we are OBSESSED with & they are super easy to make... & yes they are tasty AF!


Pancake batter: 
2 cups of organic oats
2 bananas
coconut / almond milk.

Cinnamon powder
Cococa nibs.

1 banana and / blueberries
Orange / lemon / lime zest
Maple syrup.



Add 2 cups of oats into your blender & blend until you reach a powder consistency (I have to take it off & shake it a couple of times). 

Add in 2 bananas into your blender with 1 & 1/2 cups of coconut / almond milk and blend until it represents a batter consistency. Optional: Add in cinnamon powder. 

Heat pan with coconut oil / vegan butter to medium heat. 

Add small circles of the batter (we cook two at a time in our pan) for 3 minutes, until you see some bubbles appear, then flip over for 2 more minutes. Cook until you own preferred level. 

Repeat until you have used all of the batter (we keep the cooked ones on a plate covered in tin foil / aluminium to keep it hot). 


Add whatever topping you desire! To try our version in the pictures:

Add 1 banana cut length ways and into smaller pieces onto the pan with coconut oil / vegan butter & cook with some brown sugar until caramalised. 

Take your pancakes to another level with orange / lemon / lime zest. YUM!

Let us know if you try it and what you think. Tag us in your photos @meganfromwegan @wbacon11


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