Tour of Our Home: Wegan Manor

Welcome to Wegan Manor! We often get asked who's in charge of our home decor and the answer is... Whitney! (With input from Megan, it's very much both our style). We thought it was about time to do an update of Wegan Manor since we first introduced you to our home back in 2012 when we bought our house.  As most of you know, we live in the heart of Windsor and are basically neighbours to the Queen (still waiting for our invite to tea... but we're happy to host the Queen also! Haha.)

We've been making our house a home over the past 6 years and love living our lives together as wife and wife with our adorable cat and puppy. It's massively evolved over the years in terms of our style and decor. At present, we describe it as Scandinavian meets with Palm Springs with a dash of French and English twist. We're now going to take you on a tour of most rooms in our house, apart from our spare bedroom... which we're working on turning into a creative/filming room with Falchi Interiors.


We love our sofa as it is a bespoke crushed velvet chesterfield style created by Falchi Interiors.

We are obsessed with Diptyque candles and their home fragrances, in particular we use their scented oval of 34  Boulevard Saint Germain. It's meant to go into your wardrobe (which would smell SO good) but we move it around the house.

We purchased these adorable little plant pots in Stockholm.

We love a good fashion book and Megan bought me this Tom Ford book for my birthday.


Book Shelfie Number One: This shelf is more monochrome and is very much a Chanel inspired shelf with books consisitng of Chanel, Karl Lagerfield and The Little Black Jacket. Continuing with Chanel, it naturally has a French twist with a Veuve Clicquot candle, an eiffel tower and another Veuve cliqucot homemade candle by using an old bottle. Not only do we love the taste of Veuve, it's also the first champagne house to be run by a woman! Yasss!

Book Shelfie Number Two: The second shelf is more in homage of Palm Springs and a desert vibe. We were gifted the fabulous plates from the W London hotel and find them so fabulous so we had to showcase them. We are also big fans of Frida Kahlo and we purchased this book in Palm Springs.

The candle holder and candles are both from Huttons at Home

We love these fabulous head chairs which are French and the mint tolix chairs, all bought from an antique store. Spot 'Nalo!

I went on about wanting a gold bar cart for ages, so last year Megan finally bought me one for my birthday!

We are both also loving ghost chairs at the moment (well we have for years) and what better way to stylise it then to put a fluffy pink cushion.

This is where we do most our work (I say 'we', this is mainly Megan's desk to do the video editing ha, I go between the sofa and table) and we adore our wall prints which were gifted to us from The House Outfit.


We love our bedroom and are still gradually working on the decor. We particularly love our king sized bed, which is incredibly comfortable due to the mattress and the topper we have added. A hotel never beats it! 

Flamingo cushion and Macbook cover by Coconut Lane. Get 20% off with code: WEGAN20


Our kitchen is unique in that is a German designed kitchen and everything is integrated giving it a real modern feel. 


We're hoping to completely revamp our bathroom at some point soon, but for now here's a little look. We recently had a burst pipe behind our shower wall and luckily the lovely Chris from CE Carpentry and Property Maintenance saved the day by stopping the leak, and later on retiled to have a signature marble wall!

Megan's mum kindly repainted our bathroom grey and white last year, and these are some of our current fav beauty products that we're using, by La Mer and Ane. (Get 20% 'glow in a bottle' off with our offer code: WEGANGLOW).


Our garden has a relaxing tropical feel and is inspired from Hawaii and Palm Springs. Perfect for sharing a glass of bubbly, rose, or G&T together!... 

Cheers! We hope you enjoyed our tour by photo's. Let us know if you want a new tour video video?!

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