Easy Festive Recipe: Vegan Peppermint Cream For Coffee

two mugs in front of fireplace with peppermint vegan coffee cream
We absolutely adore peppermint around the holidays and decided to infuse it on our morning coffee by making vegan peppermint cream. Most mornings, we always have a french press coffee (we make it quite strong) with Oatly cream as opposed to milk or normal cream.   We just experimented with a made up recipe so the measurements are estimations.  To our delight, it turned out to be so delicious and y'all asked us for the recipe, so here you go! 

Candy canes and/or peppermints
Oatly cream (or any version of non dairy cream)
Coffee beans
French Press/Cafeterie

1. First, go ahead an grind your beans and get your french press ready so it can brew whilst you make your cream. 
2. In a pestle and mortar, crush 2-3 candy canes or approx 10 peppermints.  Be sure and reserve some for a garnish on top. 

3. Melt your crushed peppermints in a saucepan with a splash of water and 1/4 cup of oatly cream. If you like your creamer sweet / thicker, then feel free to add sugar syrup or corn syrup. 
4. Once melted, mix the hot cream with approx 1/8 of more oatly cream.  As soon as possible, give it a mix and your cream is good to go. (You may need to reheat in microwave before using)
5. This can last approx 2-3 days depending on how many cups you have and how may people. This recipe is based on 2 people.
6. Finally, your coffee should be brewed. Grab yourself your favourite mug, pour yourself a cup of coffee and then pour in the cream. Feel free to add vegan whipped cream on top (or just normal if you're not fully vegan) and garnish with the reserved peppermints. 

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