MERRY CHRISTMAS from The Bacon-Evans Family! 2018

lesbian couple, whitney and megan, with their puppy all in matching christmas jumpers
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was a rather chilled one with Megan's parents and sister Bethany, as well as 3 outfit changes for Nalo! Plus, as Nalo is a rscue and she is believed to be born in December, so we decided to give Nalo the birthday of Christmas Day!
Although it wasn't so chilled when Nalo ate a piece sugarfree chewing gum that Beth had chewed and left on the side (not heard of a bin?!) Unfortunately sugar free gum is actually toxic for dogs due to the sweetener Xyitol, snd it can be fatal. Even though it had been chewed (thus ridding of some of the sweetener) the vet still wanted her brought in ASAP on Christmas Day to make her vomit and to assess her glucose levels. (Cue Megan crying!) Luckily the gum came up and after a couple of glucose checks, she as free to go home and be monitored by us. Whilst we knew dogs shouldn't have chewing gum, we had NO idea it could be fatal so we want to spread the word! 
Watch our full Christmas vlog as well as a few days leading up to it below. 

Now we're on our way to spend New Years at Edinburgh's Hogmanay, follow along on our instagram accounts and keep your eyes peeled for a vlog and blog post to come from our trip. What are you up to for NYE?
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