When Are We Having Babies?!

married lesbian couple, whitney and megan, announce they are starting the journey towards becoming two moms
We recently asked you for some questions for a life update Q&A and they mainly consisted of...
Haha, we love that you guys are keen for us to embark on our baby journey and good news - as we are starting the journey towards motherhood this year! We filmed a video talking about it below, amongst other updates including expanding Find Femmes and writing a book. 

For those of you who would rather read than watch, then here's a little round up of what we discussed:

For years we have been saying that we want kids. But not yet, not yet, not yet. We are ticking on with age (Megan is turning 33 in May and Whitney will be 32 in June). So we are reaching the age to have kids soon or freeze our eggs. We went to a fertility clinic at the end of last year, and they really made it clear how downhill it goes after 35 years of age! Ah! We know we need to start looking into our egg levels and options. We're not 100% ready but we know it's going to be a long journey ahead. We really want to show you all the journey - the good, the bad and the ugly. 

We aren't sure what we should call ourselves - mummy & mommy? I struggle to pronounce 'mom' in my British accent, haha!

The update is that we're going to be bringing y'all along on our baby journey, from the start! We will be finding out more, about our options and what route we want to take. We know for sure that we need a sperm donor and most likely from Denmark / Sweden. We've already decided that we do not want a friend/ family donor. 

Whitney wants y'all to know that... she is petrified! Ha! Honestly she really does want children and to expand our family. However, she's scared because at the moment she feels so whole and complete, and fulfilled in her life. She doesn't feel like anything is missing. Whereas Megan feels similar but is also a year ahead in age and we both want a family. Our friends (and fab photographers) Lovers of Love recently commented on our announcement and said something which totally made Whitney rethink it all: 

"Omg!! We’re so pumped for you!! I loved watching your vlog! @wbacon11 I loved that your fear of having a kid is that you feel your life is complete without one. That’s so great!! You want to be whole before having kids. Kids won’t complete you, and I think if you look to your kids to fulfill parts of you that you’ll be set up for disappointment across the board. Excited to watch your journey!"

This comment literally was a 'light bulb' moment for Whitney as it dawned on her that she had been looking at it wrong the whole time. (Thanks guys!)

We have lots to discuss with you!... We both ideally want children that are related to us but we are open to adoption. Whitney doesn't even know if she wants to carry. We expect for it to take a long time to get pregnant and will be shocked if it's sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed we may have a Wegan Baby in 2021!

We're excited to be bringing y'all all the info to hopefully help you in your journey too. :)

If you're going through the baby journey or embarking soon, let us know!
whitney and megan announce they are starting the journey towards becoming two moms
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