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lesbian couple baby journey

Hi lovelies, thought it was about time we sat down and gave you an update on our blog. 2020 had always been the year that we planned to settle down (i.e. not travel as frequently) and begin embarking our journey towards motherhood, aka Wegan babies! We didn't foresee not leaving the country at all for the whole year but it's also give us time to fully figure out what 'embarking' on our journey to babies truly involves. So here's the latest updates in our baby journey that we're excited to share with y'all!

Where to start?!

So where does one start when trying to create a two mummy family? Mainly it involves a lot of online research and reading! We've looked into the different ways that we might get pregnant (IUI, IVF) and discussed our way forward. Admittedly we've already hit a lot of hurdles/ unjust treatment of LGBTQ+ couples trying to conceive. We found an amazing home insemination company Mosie Baby from America and were so upset when we found out that we actually cannot do home insemination! We also attended an open day at a fertility clinic to feel that we didn't belong and it didn't cater to us. So we decided to first tackle another big part to getting pregnant... sperm!

Baby Update #1

lesbian couple announces chosen sperm bank, cryos international

We've chosen our Sperm Bank!

We looked into so many different sperm banks in the UK, Europe and America. We started with UK Sperm Banks and didn't like not getting to see baby or adult photo's. So we looked into European and American Sperm Banks and ultimately decided that Cryos International, based in Denmark, is the right choice for us for multiple reasons.

Here are a few of the reasons why we decided on Cryos International as our chosen Sperm Bank: 

  1. Immediately felt accepted and catered for. Everyone that we have come into interaction with at Cryos have been simply the loveliest!
  2. All donor's genetically screened with a medical history and about 5 - 10% who apply actually pass the screening. 
  3. The options of sperm donors and information provided. You can opt for non-ID or ID-release donors, and we chose to look at ID-release donors as we want our child to have the option to find out more about their donor, should they wish to.
  4. Access to baby & adult photo's! It makes such a difference getting to see what the donor looks like as a child and an adult. 
  5. Some donor's have extended profiles, which means that you get to find out more about them as they answer so many questions, so it gives a bigger insight into the type of person that they are. 
  6. The donor writes a handwritten note to you as the parents-to-be and your future child, which is so sweet!
  7. You get to hear their voice! 

What's more we're delighted to be working with Cryos International and this post is in partnership with them!

Watch our video to see how we announced our Baby Update #1 with a fun reveal game!

Baby Update #2

lesbian couple chosen sperm donor, from cryos international

We've chosen our sperm donor!

We'd been looking for the right sperm donor for a few months who we felt is a good person, as well as similar facial characteristics to the both of us. We had narrowed down a few donors on Cryos but ultimately there was one donor that stood out to us. We spotted him as a baby and he really reminded us of Whitney and when we were able to later to see him as an adult, he has quite a few of Megan's characteristics! His voice is also amazing (like seriously, he should do voice over work!) All of his answers gave us the impression that he's kind heartened and similar to our views. His letter to the child is pretty much what sealed the deal! He is also an ID release donor, which means that our child can find out information about him when they turn 18 years old; should they wish to do so.

We have bought 5 straws on ice waiting for us and reserved them for 4 years. As we don't know how many we may use in the first round(s) of getting pregnant. Also to hopefully have a few reserved for a sibling!

We announced Baby Update #2 in our vlog below!

Do you have questions about sperm banks and sperm donors? 

lesbian couple how to choose a sperm donor

Don't worry, we've got you covered! Watch our Q&A all about sperm banks and sperm donors!

Meet Whaley!

He is from a brand Normann, based in Copenhagen Denmark. When we spotted him, we knew we had to take him home to be our little good luck mascot throughout this journey!

What's Next?

Up next we are getting our egg levels checked (which includes a baseline scan and an AMH blood test) so fingers crossed for the outcome! As we're both in our 30's (32 & 33) we decided it's best to both get our levels checked, to help inform our way forward. Eek!

We'll keep you updated lovelies and we're so excited to be sharing our journey with you all!

This post is sponsored by Cryos International. All views are our own.

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