Friday, 13 August 2010

This Is Not Goodbye...

The dreaded day of Friday the 13th (what luck hey?!) has arrived & Whitney is on a plane on her way back to the good ol' USA as I type this. How has three months already come & gone? Absolutely heartbreaking to get used to being together 24/7 & being yanked back down to non-Wegan real life...

It still hasn't truly hit me that Whitney has left, though I am definitely feeling like a part of me is missing..... it's going to be REALLY hard to adjust that's for sure! Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I've come down with a horrid cold, which is detracting my attention somewhat away from the fact Whit's left... though perhaps I'm just using it even more so as an excuse to mope around in my PJ's & stay in bed ;) My sister was very nice & accompanied us to the airport earlier, which is a first! It deffo stopped the tears flowing like mad women, but it hurt like hell to give our final kiss & see her disappear into departures :( I'm currently at my parents house, so it's going to kill me to return to my flat the way Whitney left it! ;( I just can't even put it into words how perfect we are for each other & how much I truly do love her!! She's my other half that's for sure!!

I will most definitely be doing a huge update of What Wegan Did Next so that you are caught up on Wegan antics up until the very end! Now that we're a part we'll keep you up to date what we're up to separately.. & of course any plans to be reunited!

So I sign off, just me by myself again...

M x

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  1. I know this is a random comment on a random post ... lol ... but whenever i feel down or crappy i'll always read your blog coz it makes me smile :) x


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