Goodbye 2016. Hello 2017!

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Ah, it seems like a tradition of ours to wish you Happy New Year on WWDN when it's February! Haha. Woops!

So lets re-cap on what we hoped 2016 would bring...
  • Continue focusing on building the success of Find Femmes: Our dating site has continued to grow over 2016, with fab LGBTQ women joining every day! We even went to spread the word and had a great time at Dinah Shore! We celebrated our 1 year since we launched and we also won an honorary award.
  • Megan to successfully complete her CIPD qualification! Yup! (and she achieved a distinction in Employment Law... #justsaying)
  • Make more time for blogs, vlogs, videos...  Umm.... that's a no? Studying a qualification took a hit in that but we still tried to upload as much of our lives as possible; Hawaii, Dinah Shore, Sisters Hen Do, Camping trip, wedding announcement, North Carolina, anniversaries, pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving... didn't do too bad ;)
  • Travel more: Hawaii, LA, Bahama's will do nicely... YUP we actually managed to go to Hawaii, LA, Palm Springs, Lisbon, North Carolina... and back to South Carolina for Xmas. PHEW.
  • Plan our 2017 wedding!!! Yes. For real this time! #wegging2017 YES WE DID IT! & we didn't even know it'd be in USA. Let alone Palm Springs! But we're so excited!
  • Be bridesmaids to Megan's sister and see Lauren get married to Harry!! (and attend a hen do!) That all sure did happen, we attended TWO hen dos and saw them say 'I Do'!
  • Celebrate Megan's mum's 60th and Whitney's mum's 50th. We threw Megan's mum a surprise party and we flew out to Outer Banks for Whit's moms birthday!
  • Oh hello gym. Nice to see you again. 
     Umm.. we didn't see you much. Sorry!
  • Whitney to obtain dual citizenship! Nope, not yet...
  • 2016 may bring a very exciting project into our lives, but we can't discuss that yet! Sorry! Keep everything crossed for us. 
     We filmed for a BBC TV show with Anne Robinson... still waiting for it to air! *sigh*

Here's a few more highlights from 2016...
  • We met the amazing couple that were also featured in the BBC Civil Partnership news article, Roger and Percy.
  • We attended Moet Party Day.
  • We met Rachel Shelley (!)
  • We were featured in DIVA's top 100 Power List.
  • Featured in Calum Mcswiggan's Gay Love at Christmas video.
  • We spent the last few days of 2016 in the South, visiting Whitney's family.
What does 2017 hold for Wegan?
  • Getting married!! 28th September 2017, Palm Springs, California baby!
  • Saying hiiiii to the gym to lose some love pounds for our love day!
  • We have a super exciting secret project we'll be working on and hope to be able to announce soon.
  • We have TV shows airing on major networks, so waiting for those to go live! Eek!
  • Whitney is applying for dual citizenship!
  • Megan to celebrate her 30th Birthday!
  • Hope to travel to Italy and around California... as well as our honeymoon in Hawaii!
  • To continue to update you on our lives via blog post and videos as much as we can.. but to not put too much pressure on ourselves. 
  • Megan to post more/ show more about 'Handy'.
P.s We're nominated for 'Rising Star' at the DIVA awards, so fingers crossed! (You can vote for us here)
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Please Vote for Wegan as 'Rising Star'

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Hey y'all!

Well we have some great news... we are honoured to be shortlisted in DIVA's inaugural 2017 awards to celebrate their 250th issue! There are so many influential and amazing women shortlisted for these awards, and we are shortlisted in the 'Rising Star' (!!) category.  

We'd really appreciate your votes, so if you would be so kind, you can vote for us here: 

We are listed as 'Wegan' at number 5, page 2. (Please feel free to spread the word!) Voting closes 14th February 2017. 

Find out more who is nominated here

DIVA is Europe's largest lesbian and bisexual magazine for women and we have read it for years. It would be an absolute honour to win this award! Either way, we'll be attending their glam awards party at Cafe de Paris in London, hosted by Rachel Shelley (!!) and you can attend too! Find out more about buying tickets here. Let us know if we'll be seeing you there.

Thank you all so much for your support! 

Whitney & Megan

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In a Long Distance Relationship?

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Casting call! In a #LDR? ๐Ÿ’• 

In a Long Distance Relationship?
Met online? 
Never met IRL (In Real Life)? 
Live in different countries? (Preferably one of you in the UK) ๐ŸŒŽ 
If 'YES' to all above ๐Ÿ‘† email to take part in an amazing new BBC documentary!  

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