Friday, 18 July 2014

Behind The Scenes of Our Diva Cover Photo Shoot!

Back in June we took part in a cover shoot for DIVA (Europe's largest lesbian mag) along with our dearest friends Kaelyn & Lucy. Kaelyn had not long gone back to the USA after her trip to the UK (and #ROSWEGLYN!) Thanks to Bella's great organising skills and hours of effort, we found ourselves reunited for a front cover photoshoot! British Airways very kindly flew Kaelyn over, so we send a big THANK YOU to BA for making this all possible!!

Today DIVA's digital issue has been released and it has our faces on it!! You can buy it here. We're so excited for this issue to be finally out!! The digital issue comes with not only our exclusive front cover, but also a front cover of 'Weglyn' which we love! It also has an exclusive behind the scenes video, filmed by DIVA, and more photos from the shoot than the hard copy.

It was such a surreal but awesome weekend. Not only did we not expect to see Luclyn so soon, but neither did any of us expect to be meeting the editor of Diva (Jane) and having a front cover photoshoot! It was such a fun day and we loved everyone involved- the super talented Talie the photographer, the lovely Carrie from DIVA, the wonderful makeup artist Victoria and the fabulous hair stylist, Ula and not to forget of course the beautiful Bella... & the appearance of Guinness the dog!! Major props to Bella for her project coordination & stylist skills... and she also wrote the article!

Want to see what we got up to the weekend of the photoshoot? Watch our video to find out!

We're so privileged to be able to share this front cover shoot with such wonderful girls, and forever grateful that YouTube introduced them into our lives!

Don't forget- DIVA is out NOW to download and will be in stores (WHSmiths for UK) on 24th July 2014! Front covers for the stores are the top left of Kaelyn & Lucy, and the stunning pic of K&L on the top left are for subscribers only. So if you want it- you best get subscribing!!

Let us know what you thought of the article /photoshoot & please send us a #selfie of you with the magazine! Whichever front cover or picture inside you choose! The choice is yours ;)

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Sunday, 6 July 2014

What Wegan Wore: From Beachin It to Monte Carlo

We love that you often ask for fashion related posts and to see our outfits, so yes- What Wegan Wore is back! We recently had a mini vacay to Nice, France & Monte Carlo, Monaco (hit up the post if you haven't already). Here are a couple of outfits from the trip, from beachin' it to Monte Carlo! We'll work on improving our fashion related posts, but if we ever do pose like we have a broken leg/ foot, please do tell us! ;)

What Megan Wore: Beach Attire, Nice (France)

What Megan Wore:
Bikini: H&M /
Necklace: H&M /
Flower garland: H&M /
Flip flops: Havaianas /
Sunglasses: Clubmaster Raybans 

Beach Accessories
Travel bag: Accessorize
Flip flops: Havaianas
Sunglasses: Raybans

What Wegan Wore: Monte Carlo (Monaco)

What Whitney Wore:
Top: New Look /
Leggings: H&M /
Shoes: River Island /
Necklace: H&M /
Watch: Michael Kors /
Exercise band: Garmin Vivofit /
Sunglasses: Clubmaster Raybans /
Bag: Louis Vuitton

What Megan Wore:
Kimono: New Look /
Top: Dorothy Perkins /
Leggings: Dorothy Perkins /
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins /
Necklace: H&M /
Watch: Michael Kors /
Sunglasses: Raybans /
Bag: Louis Vuitton

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