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You may remember seeing us announcing that we were filming for something back in April.... Well we can now announce that we're featured in the BBC ONE new series Anne Robinson's Britain aka Britain's Secrets with Anne Robinson!

The first two episodes have already aired, on Parenting and Pets, and next weeks episode is on Body Image. The 4th and final episode is the one that we're featured in and that episode focuses on Relationships!

We can't give too much away yet but it was a lot of fun and hard-work filming, and you'll probably see an even more depth look at our life, love and relationship!

There isn't an air date yet for our episode but we shall of course keep you posted! Find out more about the series here, and watch the previous episodes on iPlayer.

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Happy National Coming Out Day!

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Today marks a celebration felt around the world to embracing who we are, to be proud of ourselves and the LGBT community. It's also to give support, encouragement and hope to those who haven't ventured out of the closet yet. It doesn't mean you have to do it today, but hopefully it shows that there are many of us who have gone through the process and leading happy fulfilled lives. Do it when the time feels right for you (though you may end up having no choice, like me!)

We're proud to openly live our lives openly out as lesbians (in our personal, work and online lives), and enjoy life as wife and wife. But it wasn't necessarily an easy process to get to where we are. Both Whitney and I came out when we were 15/16 years old. We're now nearing 30! (What a scary thought!) Everyone has their own personal experience of coming out. Whitney and I both experienced negative reactions from our mother's, and yet we are both embraced as daughter-in-laws and they're looking forward to our wedding next year! So please do remember, there is always a loving LGBT community out there to support you, and yes, it really does get better.

Watch Whitney's story here:

Watch Megan's story here:

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Please Help Me Fundraise for SheLift!

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Hi dearest readers, I'm (Megan) fundraising for the wonderful non-profit 'SheLift', which is founded by Sarah Herron (The Bachelor) to empower and inspire girls with physical disabilities. In particular, SheLift are planning an amazing Ski Retreat, of which the money you kindly donate will go towards.

Why do I want to help? You may know me as one half of the vlogging/ blogging duo 'Wegan', where we openly document our lives as wife and wife. We put ourselves out there in hopes to inspire girls to know that they can be happy and gay. What you may not know about me is that I have a disability to my left hand, and it has taken quite a while for me to accept and embrace that part of me. I believe in the mission of SheLift and want girls with physical disabilities to know that they can do, and be, anything!

Please join me with raising funds for SheLift by donating via my CrowdRise site (and feel free to join my team to fundraise further). Thank you SO much! Both Sarah and I really appreciate your support.

Check out the full campaign video below, which I'm also in along with some amazing girls!

SHELIFT: Empowering girls to conquer their personal mountains. SheLift is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Sarah Herron of ABC's The Bachelor, that empowers girls to conquer their personal obstacles by providing them with the tools, experiences and mentorship to work towards living an inspired, authentic life. SheLift brings girls of all ages and body types together to inspire and motivate one another to try things we never thought we could do by ourselves. We organize events, day camps and weekend adventures for girls with physical disabilities – all lead and guided by influential mentors. Our events aim to provide healing and prevention of insecurities for girls who've been made to feel "different."

SKI RETREAT: All proceeds raised from this fundraiser will go towards providing girls a life changing experience. Because the applicants of the SheLift retreats express a universal theme of feeling "different," we aim to provide a very exclusive, premier experience for our girls that makes them feel anything but different. The goal is to heighten their sense of self value and demonstrate to young women that they are worthy of having incredible life experiences. With that said, we are looking into providing the best resources to our ability, which includes our remote, sometimes hard to get to destinations and activities. Funds from this campaign will be used for flights, ground transportation, lodging, healthy meals and groceries, insurance AND most importantly, the equipment and expertise of adaptive ski specialists. Funds will also go towards documentation of the retreat and follow up testimonials from the girls about how the trip impacted their lives. Any additional funds raised will go towards creating local continuing events and activities for all girls to participate in, i.e.: day hikes, yoga, cooking classes, shopping events, spa treatmrents, etc.

Posts abot my disability:

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