Wegan's Hen / Bachelorette Party!

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Our Bride Tribe planned a gorgeous, chic hen / bachelorette party for us in August and we thought it's about time we shared the photo's. We had no idea what they had planned and the Palm Springs decor and flowing champagne/ cocktails with our nearest and dearest was just PERFECT! We honestly had so much fun, love and laughter. We played some fun games (i.e mrs & mrs 'parce the parcel' and cucumber game!) danced to music, sang along to 'The Fresh Prince of Belair'... needless to say that the night ended somewhat blurry....

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Wegan Travels USA: Best Manicure in Beverly Hills

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THE go to nail salon in Beverly Hills: Olive & June 

Desperate to get a manicure in LA as soon as we landed, we googled best places in Beverly Hills and the decor of Olive & June jumped out at us. We had to take a visit ourselves! It did not let us down.

Not only was the interior fab, but the girls that work there too are SO talented and nice. Our nails never looked so good (& the best part might be the warm towel they put over your hands during the manicure).

We're SO in love with our cactus nails... perhaps our avourite nails ever!

We had a great time and highly recommend if you're in the area to pop in to get a manicure & pedicure.

Behind the scenes of the photo.. haha!

Oh & their sandals are amazing - can't stop wearing them since! You can tie them so many ways, but we've stuck to an easy one for now. You can get them online or from the store. They're super comfy!

Who: Olive & June
What: Nail Salon
Where: Beverly Hills 
430 N Canon Dr Bevery Hills, CA 90210 
(Also Santa Monica & Pasadena)

Olive You!

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Wegan travels usa: 1st California Vlog

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Our first vlog from USA is up! Check out our wonderful flight with Virgin Atlantic, and first few days in LA, Beverly Hills & Santa Monica!

 Did you enjoy the vlog? Let us know if you've been to these places & what your experience was like. We're in Palm Springs now so let us know if you have any recommendations.

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