20/09/10 Marks A Very Special Day

Two years ago to this date, 20th September, marks the very first day that Megan & Whitney met!

[First ever pic of Wegan!]

This was a day that changed everything, for we became the love of each others lives <3

I realise that whilst most who are near & dear know how we met & became Wegan, many people do not. The short story is that we knew each other on Myspace for around three years, with no intention of ever meeting (or even alluding to the fact we may actually like each other). It turns out that Whitney was due to come over to a London University for a term in 2008, & so we began chatting more and more online every day; with our messages now being via facebook & growing in length.

So we met for the first time on the 20th September 2010 at Waterloo station, and the rest, as they say, is history ;)

It's quite funny taking a stroll down memory lane, I remember what we were both wearing that day, the way that events unfolded and how I felt. I cannot remember at all what we talked about, I would love to go back & listen in, & most likely laugh at us!

[Where we had our first kiss, ooh la la!]

Our official two year anniversary is the 5th October! <3 (We're lesbians.. we don't wait long!)

M x