Love Not Hate!


Slightly off a Wegan topic, I just wanted to make a quick post in respect to the recent suicides of the gay teenagers in America. If you're not aware of what I'm on about google Seth Walsh & Asher Brown, both just 13 years old. Both committed suicide due to homophobic bullying. Such tragedies highlights the even more importance of accepting ones self, and standing loud & proud. Furthermore, responsiblity needs to be taken to stop others from discriminating. Many think that homophobia is a thing of the past and that we can live and walk free, but these are just stark reminders that it isn't so.

Perez Hilton has started a 'It Gets Better' project, and my favourite man Darren Hayes has made a video for it:

So with that all being said, stand true to yourselves my lovelies. It does get better. Better still, you'll be happy!

Love not Hate!

M x